6 Core Exercises For Becoming A Stronger, Faster Runner

It is a love of runners to buckle their shoe and start running wherever and whenever they get a chance to do so. For most of the runners getting injured during their most loving activity is a common thing but it also hinders in their practicing and also affects their performance.
Every runner out there wants to know about some miraculous things which could prevent their injuries and could also boost their speed and performance.
The experts of fitness have invented a new way to fulfill the wishes of runners. They have planned a core workout for every runner which not only helps to improve their speed but also makes them stronger. It also helps to improve the form of the runner whenever he/she gets tired of running and gives a kick start to their energy and provides them a new energy booster. It also helps to improve running form making it an efficient running from the start till the end. It also contributes to winning the race as it helps to get the runner with the energy by limiting the wastage of reserved energy and use that reserved energy when the runner starts to feel tired.
The runner’s core workout
Runner’s core workout includes six exercises which needed to be done for 30 sec to 1 minute each, and it can be done at any place be it your home or at your gym.
1: Modified bicycle
This exercise starts with lying on the floor with your back touching the ground and after that extend your right leg in the air as extended as possible. Lie in such a manner that your thigh is at a right angle to your trunk and the lower leg should be parallel to the ground. After that lift your leg up and hold there for a few seconds. Do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute by switching your legs and also note that lower back should remain neutral in this whole process. To support your lower back, you can put one hand in the small of your back.
2: Balance Plank:
Lie on your stomach and balance yourself through shifting your weight over to your forearms and toes. Keep your body in the same line from head to toe and hold for some seconds. If this is achieved, then start lifting your leg and arm at the same time and also do the switching.
3: Single-Leg Glute Bridge:
Lie on your back and bend your legs then start lifting the legs one by one. Don’t do this simultaneously, instead of it, lift the legs in a sequential manner. Bend your arms and don’t let the hips to touch the ground and keep them in a firm position during the whole exercise and also engage the lower back tightly.
4: Side Plank Leg Lift:
Lie on your right side with arms bent to the side. Balance yourself by propping your weight over forearm. Then start lifting your leg to a 45 degree and then rest it slowly. Do this for some seconds the switch the sides. Hold tightly other body parts such as thighs and hips.
5: Modified Bird Dog
Hold your body in a tabletop position lying in your arms and leaning towards the ground. Then start lifting your leg one by one. The other leg which is not lifted at the time when the other one is lifted should have its knee bent at 90 degrees and keep doing this exercise for at least 30 seconds.
6: Supine bridge leg lift
Lie on your back with all of your weight being shifted to your elbows and heels. Keep your hips up from the ground and keep the body in a straight line from head to toe. After that lift, the right leg up to 8” from the ground, keep it there for some time then switch legs and continue this for at least 30 seconds.