Eight Worst Sources Of Protein For Men

Protein helps you to grow muscles bigger and stronger. They help to boost energy and metabolism, lower blood sugar level and reduce hunger. Protein is contained in the everyday food that we eat just like any other food which contains carbohydrates, sugar, and fats.

According to Jordan Mazur, high-quality proteins are easily digestible and contain amino acids. They help to build and maintain muscle mass and helps in supporting a number of functions in our body.

This article provides a list of eight food sources that are rich in protein but are not considered healthy as they do not put in much to the general fitness of the body. Thus we should limit the consumption of these rich in protein foods.

  1. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs that are eaten so widely and enjoyed a lot contains 329 calories, 11g of protein, and 30g of fat, per hot dog per the USDA.

So neither of us know what is really in a hot dog and how they are made. But we surely know that it is not 100% beef.

Malaysian scientists discovered that the hot dogs contain buffalo meat in them. Another study of the same kind discovered that only 10% of the lot contained meat. So according to Mazur, one should avoid eating the processed meat stuff and go for non-processed and close to natural foods.

  1. Bologna

Bologna is basically as a mixture of various forms of meats, sodium, fats and additives. A slice of bologna according to the USDA contains 3 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat and provides 90 calories.

  1. Ice Cream

Ice cream is no source for dairy based protein, says Mazur. The high amount of fat and sugar it contains overcomes the amount of proteins that it can give. Typically a half cup of vanilla ice cream as per the USDA usually contains 2 grams and 7 grams of proteins and fats respectively and provides 137 calories.

  1. Bratwurst

Bratwurst is rich in fats and saturated fats. One portion of bratwurst as per USDA contains 12 grams and 25 grams of protein and fats respectively and provides 283 calories.

  1. Sausage

Sausages are usually eaten at breakfast because it is considered to contain high protein. But sausages contain a high amount of processed meat that is rich in sodium and saturated fats. Chicken or turkey sausages are a better option for replacement as they contain lesser calories and less saturated fats. One pork sausage as per USDA has 8 grams and 20 grams of protein and fats respectively and provides about 210 calories.

  1. Bacon

Yes, bacon is a true love for all of us, and there are people who cannot even imagine skipping that from their diet. But as the research suggests it contains just as similar calories as sausages. It has highly processed meat with high amounts of saturated fats. One slice of bacon as per USDA has 4 grams and 4 grams of protein and fats respectively and provides about 54 calories.

  1. Deep-Fried Chicken

Deep fried chicken is the worst kind of food you can eat. It is not good for heart health neither it is good for your waistline. Although we consider chicken for the ultimate source of protein and it sure is. But when it is combined with flour and deep fried in oil it is not less than a disaster for your health.

100g of fast food fried chicken as per USDA has 14 grams and 29 grams of protein and fats respectively and contains 398 calories.

  1. Fast Food Burgers

Although fast food burgers are a rich source of protein, it contains a high amount of fats too. Most of the toppings, ingredients, and sauces contain saturated fats that are very bad for health.

One fast food hamburger as per USDA has 13 grams and 9 grams of protein and fats respectively and contains 232 calories.