The Beginner’s Guide to Pre And Post Workout Nutrition

Proper nutrition while working out may help in boosting up your exercise intensity and taking it to the next stage. The athletes on reaching the first level strive to achieve the next new strength goal for themselves. However, the use of supplements is essential for taking 98 percent of the performance to 100 percent. Last two to three percent can be achieved by the use of supplements.

Eating healthy plays a vital role in your progress. At this point, it is essential to get to know about the nutrients which are best and can give you the maximum energy and strength while you work out at the gym.

Before starting your workout plan, take product or food items that contain carbohydrates and caffeine. They delay fatigue and help in providing you the required energy boost so that you can run your last mile or work out on your last set of exercises.

So, finally done with your workout program and your body is tired now? Immediately after your workout, experts advise taking the tart cherry and branched-chain amino acids that help in preventing soreness of your body and repair muscle tissues.

Now let us check out the following six fundamental ingredients that are always expected to be present in your pre and post workout supplements:


Pre and Post: Both

Carbs are the key nutrients that must be present in the exercise plan. The intake of carbohydrates is the quickest and easiest way to provide energy to your muscles. When you are working at the higher intensities, carbohydrates will act as a fuel to the body as your body will need to use the greater amount of carbohydrates to keep running itself until the end.

Those working on high-intensity workout plans should consume 3.2 to 4.5 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight that they carry. It is suggested to consult your sports nutritionist, as their recommendations for each of you may vary according to your workout plan and your goals.


Pre and Post: Pre

Caffeine is helpful in making your long session workout less exhausting, and you will be able to take your training session until the end effortlessly. Don’t forget to double check the dosage of caffeine on your supplement as its excessive intake will be harmful.

The average consumption of caffeine should be 200 mg per day. However, the consumption should never exceed 600 mg.

Vitamin C

Pre and Post: Both

Most commonly known supplement to the people is vitamin C which plays a very significant role in reducing your stress. Stress can be due to workload or some other environmental factors; however, it can be controlled by increasing the intake of vitamin C.

The intake of Vitamin C by males should be at least 90 mg per day while women should intake 75 mg per day. Whereas, it should not rise more than 2000 mg per day.

Vitamin B6 and B12

Pre and Post: Both

These produce red blood cell in your body and help to get the maximum amount of energy from food. It is helpful in reducing bad sleep patterns. It is effective in tuning up your body and makes you feel strong during the workout.

The consumption of vitamin B12 should be 2.4 micrograms whereas that of B6 should be 1.3 milligrams per day.

Tart Cherry

Pre and Post: Post

Tart Cherry is helpful in reducing pain and recovering your strength after the workout. Nowadays researchers are working on Tart Cherry supplements and medications and soon we expect to see new products in the market.

BCAA Blend

Pre and Post: Both

Branched-chain Amino acids help in digestion, repairing tissues and ensure their growth. The amino acids are commonly found in the protein sources like eggs and meat.  At least 20 grams of BCAA should be consumed per day.