Many things play important roles to keep our body physically fit, but exercise is one of the best things that can help us to maintain our body. And heart rate plays an important role, tells us how our body is physically responding, so it is really important for us to know the difference between endurance and fat burning exercise. Not all exercises are the same, different exercises have different modes which have varying effects on the body. These differences depend on two factors frequency and intensity. Frequency means rest time between exercises and intensity means the acceleration of your heart rate. These two factors tell us the difference between endurance and fat burning exercise, so by controlling these two, one can achieve their fitness goals very easily.

Low-intensity Vs. High intensity:

Many people think that they can burn away their fat very quickly by doing intense exercise, but that is quite the opposite. Low-intensity exercises are best for burning fat as by doing that body uses fat tissues as fuel, which means that we can easily burn away fat by doing low-intensity exercise. On the other hand, if we are doing high intensity exercise our body use carbohydrates as fuel which increases metabolism rate in the body and with the help of that it increases endurance. next time when you hit the gym to lose weight do low-intensity exercises.

Fat Burning Capacity:

If we understand that how our body or the ability of our body to burn fat, we can easily drive an effective exercise plan. The variation between and intensity of exercise play an important role, on which body burn the fuel, food is the major factor that is the most prominent, like many experts say that we should consume more protein. When our goal is weight loss, it is recommended that we should take 50 grams of protein every day.

Burning Fat:

Fat burning is the gift of regular exercise and a healthy diet plan but knowing your heart rate while you are exercising can be a strong punch. All we need to know what is the best heart zone for your body to burn fat and which is the natural ability for the body to burn fat. It is simple to calculate your best fat burning heart zone rate, substrate your age by 200 and multiply by seven that will be best heart rate for your body and time between your exercise also play an important role.

Building Endurance:

Building your endurance require intensive sets of high-intensity exercise which mean that you need to push yourself to the limit. The maximum endurance of exercise is determined by 80 to 85 present of heart rate. If your exercise goal is to build up stamina than you need to use the target of 80 present of maximum heart rate. To calculate your endurance, we need to apply the aforementioned formula and multiply it by 8. the small increase and decrease in the heart rate per minute has a very positive effect on the body.